A Life or Business Coach assists clients to move forward in a positive manner in areas of their personal or working life where they believe and feel that change is required. Life Coaching is about identifying and overcoming obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs, which prevent these changes from occurring and creating the ideal and ongoing environment for positive action to take place. Life Coaching deals with the present and empowers individuals to set goals for the future they desire and aspire to. Coaching is quite different from the disciplines of Counselling and Mentoring. Counselling deals with events from the past and Mentoring is teaching and advising others from their own experiences for the future. Business and Life Coaches do not teach or advise their clients but help and guide them with their personal development to identify and clarify goals that they choose to achieve and to improve aspects of the personal or working life. Coaches utilise powerful techniques from various modalities such as Hypnosis and NLP, to set and achieve personal and business goals, improve personal wellbeing and to improve business relationships and leadership qualities within executive teams and business in general.