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Coaching allows clients to assess in a positive manner where they are at in their personal or working life and to provide the necessary tools, such as Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and NLP techniques to empower them to make positive changes in their life or with their business to move them to where they believe they need or want to be.

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There are many reasons why someone or a business could benefit from working with a Coach.
Some of the indications that people experience that could be improved by working with a Coach are mood swings, unhealthy habits, unhappy at work or with their career, critical of oneself and others and improve confidence and self-worth. There are many areas of career, personal growth and health and well-being that would benefit many from working with a Coach.
Business can benefit enormously from working with a Business or Leadership Coach.  Some areas could be strategic planning, realign goals and setting new goals, personal development in the team and leaders, improving performance and productivity, assisting with return to work and staff morale and to assist the managers of the business to maintain focus by helping to sort the wood from the trees.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Packages designed for business leaders and senior executives to improve their own personal development and to increase performance and rapport with their teams.

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Hypnosis is a process that allows you to change from a particular state (emotions or thoughts) to an improved state. You may be more familiar with the terms state of mind and mindset. Hypnosis is simply a form of trance, which you have control over. Many people can have self-induced states of trance i.e., daydreaming.

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NLP Techniques

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a means of changing someone's thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them.

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Our Business is about working with our clients and customers to find solutions within their businesses, or in their personal lives and relationships, while working toward achievable and sustainable goals and productive outcomes.
RMS Inspirational Coaching was formed from a name change from Thirteen 25 Life Coaching in 2021, to compliment business consulting, coaching and mentoring services by associate company Business Diagnostics and Solutions.
Both of these businesses are under the umbrella of Reliable Management Solutions (RMS) (ABN: 26 256 369 003).
The director and principal of RMS, Bob Stow has been a Director of Business Diagnostics & Solutions since 2006 after an extensive 21-year engineering and maintenance career in the Australian Army, and after discharge, more than 20 years working in Equipment Fleet Management and Transport and Logistics at a National Operations and General Management level.
After various training over many years in Life Coaching with Coach Corp and then The Life Coaching College, RMS Inspirational Coaching was established.
Bob is a Certified Level Two Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Practitioner of NLP, Accredited Mental Health First Aider and is currently studying for his Master Practitioner of Coaching at The Life Coaching College with the aim of working toward the required qualifications to gain accreditation for Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
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